Tips On Buying The Best Laptop In your Price Range

Written by Jarred in misc on Wed 01 February 2017.

If you are based in South Africa, there are a few gadgets that you must have. One would be your digital camera and the others would be your mobile phone, GPS, laptop, and if you have the inclination, you could also buy a tablet PC to make mobile computing just that more accessible.

Most certainly each item on this list has to be given careful consideration. One cannot be swayed by fancy ads and interesting teasers and freebies. At the end of the day, it’s just you and your gadgets. Can you depend on them?

The Top Choice in Laptops

Whether you live in South Africa, Asia, or the U.S., the most popular and desirable laptop is still the Apple MacBook. It has the prestige, performance, and style all locked in one product, although brands like Dell and HP are fast catching up. Luckily, all the above brands, and more, are available in South Africa, as well as service centres and hardware technicians. To choose the right laptop, use these tips to get your thoughts organized:

Look At the Big Picture

Right now, your peers are using or recommending a brand, should you listen and follow them? This would depend on what you plan on using the laptop for, not just in the next 6 months, but up to 2 or 3 years from now. After sales service is important should something happen: if you buy an Apple Mac, for example, you can be quite certain that you’ll have good after sales services and access to after sales support. If you only really use your laptop to search for items like a VW Polo for sale in Cape Town, then you can look at computers with lower end specs.

You also have to consider where you will be using the laptop. If you plan on bringing it with you everywhere you go, it needs to be light and compact. If your work is video intensive, then you need something with power, speed, and storage capacity.

What Is Most Important?

Do you need a laptop for videos, games, graphics, or something like an animation project? Extra information here at laptopstandboss. If so, your priority should be a very large hard drive to hold all the software you will need. If you’re using it for spread sheets and office documents, then you need something that has a long battery life and a fast CPU. What is your priority need? Make a list. It will help you focus on what’s important.

Battery, Display, Modem, Drives

These are all parts of the laptop known as hardware. The battery should have more than just one charging and usage mode. An energy-saver is an excellent feature because it can extend your battery life. The display refers to the size of your LCD screen. Some like it to be wide and narrow; others prefer one that can detach. The most common size would be a 14 inch monitor. This is good enough to see everything displayed, and at the same time not consume so much power.

The drive can be augmented with an external drive. You should also consider getting a writable DVD so you can save data on a CD or DVD. The floppy drive is more or less obsolete but it can be still requested. The fact is simply that you have less chance of ruining your saved files on a diskette than a CD or DVD disc.


Will you need a computer table? What about a mouse, voltage regulator, and printer – are these items you can do without or will you need them? You don’t have to worry about brand. You can mix and match. For instance, if you get an HP laptop, it does not automatically follow that you should get the HP printer. The laptop is compatible with other brands.


Always ask about warranty, guarantee, and location of service centre. It has to be easily accessible or you will be grumbling all the time. If you’re in a remote location, looking for property for sale in Somerset West, for example, and you need to communicate via Skype with family in Cape Town, you want your hardware to work properly.

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